A key document: The Elector’s Manual

All households in Montréal will have received their copy of the Elector’s Manual. This is a vital document  as it contains everything electors need to know to properly exercise their right to vote on November 1.

Take a sneak peek at the manual on our Web site.

What must you do to ensure that your name is entered on the list of electors if you expect to vote on November 1 (or at the advance poll on October 25)?

How do you know whether your name is correctly entered on the list?

Will a notice of entry or reminder be sent by mail to my home?

What must you do if you are not on the list?

What identification documents must electors produce to be allowed to vote?

How do I find out where I’m supposed to vote?

Will there be mobile polling stations?  Will I be able to vote in advance?

What about persons with reduced mobility?

The manual provides answers to all those questions and a full explanation of the electoral process. Everything has been covered.

It is available on the Web site and from the election office of your borough in  the following versions:

A copy in Braille may also be consulted at all election offices of boroughs.