By-law concerning electoral districts

The purpose of the division of the territory of each borough into electoral districts is to ensure the fair and balanced representation of electors, within the boundaries of each borough.

The 58 electoral districts of Montréal are delimited to guarantee, within the territorial limits of each borough, the greatest socio-economic homogeneity, according to criteria such as physical barriers, demographic trends, limits of boroughs and parishes, areas and distances.

Revision process

The electoral map is revised every 4 years, one year before the general election. The Commission de la représentation électorale (CRE) provides support to municipalities and ensures that the revision process is in accordance with the Act respecting elections and referendums in municipalities.

In October 2016, the city council proceeded with the revision of the territory and adopted a draft by-law that

  1. defined the limits of electoral districts
  2. contained a map of the proposed districts

The By-law concerning electoral districts (16-081) was adopted on December 20, 2016

Comparative figures 2012-2016 (in French)