How to vote?

Report to the polling place with your reminder card, to help the election officers quickly find your name on the list.

Important! To vote, you have to establish your identity by presenting one of the following documents :

  • health insurance card
  • driver's licence
  • Canadian passport
  • certificate of lndian status
  • Canadian Forces Identification card.
  • Step 1 : An election official checks your entry on the list of electors.
    Step 2 : You identify yourself and show a piece of ID.
    Step 3 : You are given ballot papers.
    Step 4 : You go to the booth where you can make your choice confidentially. You mark the ballot papers in only one of the circles using only the pencil that will be provided to you by the deputy returning officer.
    Step 5 : Return to the table after voting.
    Step 6 : Personally deposit your ballot papers in the ballot box.

Important Reminder:

  • Use of personal pencil is forbidden.
  • No ballot paper may be rejected for the sole reason that the mark made in one of the circles extends beyond the circle, as long as the mark does not intersect with another circle.