Élection Montréal must respect the confidentiality of any personal information that users may transmit to it. For any question requiring access to your personal file, Élection Montréal invites you to contact the Information Centre directly, at 514-872-VOTE (514-872-8683) or by e-mail. Élection Montréal cannot handle a case or a personal file through social media.

Whether it involves initiating a discussion, asking a question, expressing a point of view or providing constructive criticism, we value your opinion. The Élection Montréal Twitter and Facebook accounts are intended for people of all political persuasions, and the institution encourages exchanges of opinion and open and respectful debate. All observations will be taken into account, except for:

  • Incomprehensible remarks;
  • Slanderous, hateful, racist, homophobic, sexist, xenophobic or generally unacceptable remarks;
  • Hurtful, vulgar or offensive remarks;
  • Unlawful remarks,Remarks that include personal or confidential data;
  • Actual or dissimulated advertising, as well as propaganda; and/or
  • Messages published on numerous occasions, or that are completely off topic.

Exchanges and the sharing of ideas are appreciated and encouraged, but Élection Montréal will not tolerate any attack upon those expressing their ideas. Hence remarks that violate this netiquette policy will be altered or removed. So as to foster respectful discussions, Élection Montréal will remove all offensive remarks without warning. It is important to hold a discussion that benefits all users; private debates involving only a few participants will not be tolerated.

Usurping another person’s identity is a serious offense. Anyone using a false account or multiple identities will be denied access privileges, and officials in charge of the social media concerned will be alerted regarding the individual in question.

Contributors to discussions on the different social accounts used by Élection Montréal must be identified; however, net surfers may consult these accounts anonymously.

It should be recalled that everything published online is indexed by the various search engines and will not necessarily be withdrawn, even upon the author’s request.

A number of city employees, as well as elected members of City Council and borough councils, have accounts with certain social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, and some will identify themselves as such. Notwithstanding their professional affiliation, their messages and stances do not represent the official position of Élection Montréal and must be considered as personal opinions only.

The addition of hyperlinks to other sites is authorized if the content is appropriate and in line with the discussions or subjects addressed. Advertising and inappropriate links will not be tolerated. In no case does Élection Montréal endorse these third-party sites or their content.

If you wish to publish photos or videos on one of our online platforms, please make sure that the files belong to the public domain and that you have the consent of the author and the person(s) appearing in them.

Users violating the rules of netiquette outlined herein may see their input removed without warning and their access privileges to the accounts of Élection Montréal suspended.

Given the rapid pace at which social media are evolving, Élection Montréal reserves the right to change these rules of use at any time and without prior notice. We suggest you consult this page on a regular basis.

Rules pertaining to certain social media


To learn more about Élection Montréal on Facebook, you can follow the “Élection Montréal” page. Élection Montréal has no control over, is not responsible for, and does not in any way endorse the intuitive advertising automatically generated by Facebook on the sides of the institution’s page, including advertising of a political nature. All those publishing on this page are responsible for their own remarks and actions, and Élection Montréal does not necessarily support or endorse their statements.

Twitter: To learn more about Élection Montréal on Twitter, you can follow the @Election_Mtl account or the #cmmtl, #polmtl and #mun2013 hashtags. Other hashtags may also be used depending on the circumstances if they are relevant.

A subscription to the @Election_Mtl account does not automatically mean that we are subscribed to yours. Our decision to follow a Twitter account does not mean that we support or endorse the remarks or activities found on it. Moreover, our decision to republish another user’s retweet does not imply that Élection Montréal agrees with this user and in no circumstances does it indicate a change in our official position. Followers of our Twitter account follow us of their own free will. We are not responsible for their activities or their remarks. Tweets mentioning @Election_Mtl are not endorsed or supported by Élection Montréal.

Élection Montréal reserves the right to block or remove followers at any time if we deem their actions or remarks inappropriate. Given the 140- character limit imposed by Twitter, we have shortened our hyperlinks with Web applications. Élection Montréal has absolutely no ties with these online services.

Net surfers may alert us to any abuse or violation of netiquette by contacting the customer service department, at 514-872-VOTE (514-872-8683), or by sending us an e-mail. Any other questions or observations concerning social media may also be sent to this address.

For all official correspondence, please use the “Contact us” section of our website. We invite the various media to submit their requests by following the usual procedure, i.e. by calling 514-872-9376. Requests may also be submitted by e-mail.