400 candidates, 6 for city mayor, on November 1

The nomination period ended on October 2, at 4:30 p.m.

Total: 400 authorized candidates will be running to fill 103 elective offices.

Total: 132 women and 268 men, 33 independent candidates.

For city mayor, 6 candidates are running for office:

Michel Bédard
Équipe Bédard – Fierté Montréal

Richard Bergeron
Projet Montréal

Louise Harel
Équipe Harel – Vision Montréal

Louise O’Sullivan
Équipe Louise O’Sullivan – Parti Montréal – Ville-Marie

Michel Prairie

Gérald Tremblay
Équipe Tremblay – Union Montréal

Total: 68 candidates for 18 borough offices, 185 for 46 city councillor offices, and 141 for 38 borough councillor offices.

You may consult the complete list of candidates below. You may also find find the list of candidates for whom you will be voting. Just look under Where do I vote? and enter your postal code.