Electoral process


For the purposes of the general election of November 7, 2021 and all of the following by-elections, the electoral process for the general 2017 election continues to apply.

The general electoral process determines the composition of the city council and of each of the 19 borough councils.

Composition of the city council

  • the city mayor, who is also the mayor of Ville-Marie borough
  • the borough mayors, who are also city councillors
  • the city councillors

Composition of borough councils

  • each of the 19 borough councils consists of at least 5 members:
    • the borough mayor
    • the city councillor(s)
    • the borough councillors, as the case may be
    • for Ville-Marie, 2 city councillors chosen by the mayor

Election on November 7, 2021

On November 7, 2021, voters will elect the mayor of Montréal, who is also the mayor of Ville-Marie borough, the borough mayors, the city councillors, and the borough councillors.

More specifically, in the 19 boroughs and 58 electoral districts, 103 elective offices will be filled:

  • the city mayor, who is also the mayor of Ville-Marie borough
  • 18 mayors of other boroughs, who are also city councillors
  • 46 other city councillors
  • 38 borough councillors

The number of elective offices varies according to boroughs. Please refer to your borough map for more information.