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Élection Montréal's youth polling stations

As part of the municipal by-election to be held in the Le Plateau-Mont-Royal borough on Sunday, October 6, 2019, Montréal’s returning officer is introducing youth polling stations, a component of Élections Québec’s Voters in training program.

Accordingly, 23 youth polling stations will be open for school-age youth in the Le Plateau-Mont-Royal borough. The borough’s youth will be able to cast their ballot in most of the designated voting locations. After voting, each youth will receive a temporary tattoo.

The purpose of this activity is to allow tomorrow’s voters to have a real-life, positive voting experience and awaken their sense of democracy. Thanks to the youth polling stations, young people will have the opportunity to make a concrete gesture on election day by answering an easy question on a matter that concerns them. In this case, the question will be related to municipal services they use as young Montrealers.

Election Day

On Sunday, October 6, 2019, the 23 youth polling stations will be open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. The returning officer therefore invites school-age youth to come and vote for their favourite municipal service by answering an easy but relevant question: In Montréal, what is most important to you? They will be asked to choose one of the following four answers:

a) Arenas, sports centres and swimming pools
b) Buses, metro and trains
c) Libraries, recreational centres and entertainment
d) Parks, playgrounds and green spaces

These answers will be presented on a very realistic ballot paper. In addition, youth will vote behind a polling booth, where a poster will remind them of the choice of answers, with words and pictures. After casting their vote, they will receive a temporary tattoo that says “I VOTED !”. Finally, the results will be announced the next day in a press release.

To find out the address of the youth polling station nearest your home, please consult the list of the 23 designated locations posted on this page or call 514 872-VOTE (8683). Citizens of all ages can also watch a video (in French only) beforehand to gain a better understanding of the city.

Democracy with the family

Parents and grandparents are encouraged to accompany their children and grandchildren to one of the 23 youth polling stations specially installed for young people in the Le Plateau-Mont-Royal borough.

City electors are invited to come and experience democracy with their family and to vote in large numbers in the October 6, 2019 municipal by-election.